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The Artmusa Museum of Modern Art in the halls of the Current gallery presents an exhibition of works by British artist Josephine Wall"The Tale of Your Life".

The exhibition presents the author’s paintings, filled with dreams, dreams and secrets, immersed in a world of bewitching beauty, in which the familiar is combined with the amazing, the earthly - with the mystical, the real - with the fantastic, the tiny - with the all-encompassing.

In the author’s world there are a lot of colors, light and so much sparkling joy! Moving from one image to another, imperceptibly for himself, the viewer is involved in a journey through different corners of the vast universe, where he is met by fairies, nymphs, goddesses, angels and carry away with him - towards boundless inspiration. Here I want to see all the miracles that this world can give, touch every petal, make out every sparkle. The main source of inspiration for Josephine Wall is Love: to the world, to life, to people, to nature, to colors, to light, to everything beautiful in the Universe. Her work is called the Art of Imagination. For several decades, her work has delighted and inspired fans around the world.

According to the official siteMuseum of Contemporary Art "Artmuse".