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The Artmuza Museum of Modern Art in the halls of the Designclub Gallery holds a personal exhibition of the winner of the All-Russian Competition of Young Artists Alexandra Anyukhina"Wanderings".

The exhibition presents works in various printing graphic techniques: etching, linocut, plastic engraving, printing on fabric.

The name "Wanderings" reveals the basic concept of the exhibition, which consists in combining geographical and metaphysical wanderings. Here you can see the graphic landscapes of different regions of Russia, made in the classical manner, as well as symbolic compositions that reveal the theme of metaphysical travels. Alexander attaches particular importance to musical images. In her work there are bizarre combinations of images of musical instruments with biomorphic forms. Often the main character of the composition is the guitar. A series of prints - “The Many-Faced Guitar” is dedicated to her at the exhibition. A significant place is given to the white background, in the artist’s works he plays the role of “silence” and “silence”, the images “sound” brighter on him. The entire series combines a concise figurative language.

According to the official siteMuseum of Contemporary Art "Artmuse".

All artworks at the exhibition