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The path of the artist

Exhibition September 5 − October 7, 2019
Museum of Modern Art “Artmuz” in the halls of the gallery “Ul. Big Handicraft "holds an exhibition"The path of the artist".

The exhibition presents more than 40 works by the artist Ksenia Voskoboinikova, including graphics and oil paintings. The graphics presented at the exhibition are executed by a calligraphy marker the first time and without subsequent adjustments. Each work is a search, somewhere overcoming, somewhere a meaning that is sometimes more important than the image itself.

“The philosophy of my drawings is to seize the moment and quickly fix it in the drawing. I do not draw photographic details, I highlight the main and focus on the main. I can see a lot of beauty with my own eyes, and I cannot catch this beauty with a camera, because the camera does not see the way I see it. Therefore, I draw. Quickly, inspirationally and truly ”- the author of the exhibition, Ksenia Voskoboinikova. The idea of the exhibition is to lead the viewer through the Artist, through reflection, resistance, views.

According to the official siteMuseum of Contemporary Art "Artmuse".