Painting and Graphics by Igor Ominin

Exhibition September 5 − October 6, 2019
Retrospective opening to take place in the Great Hall of the Tsarskoye Selo Collection State Museumexhibition of the Leningrad artist Igor Efremovich Ominin(1923-1986).

The exhibition will feature paintings and drawings by the artist from different periods of his creative life.

Igor Ominin's paintings are surprisingly subtle in color, uninhabited landscapes. They clearly trace his experience of comprehending life as a kind of mystery that is given to everyone. His courage to always remain himself and be independent, while maintaining mental stability, became the personal sacrifice of the master of harmony and beauty.

Natural activity forced the author to be realized in different directions, but applied graphics always remained the main hobby of the master. Many of Igor Ominin's works to this day are unsurpassed examples of artistic taste. Igor Ominin is the founder of the St. Petersburg school of industrial graphics. The artist's works are in many museums in St. Petersburg and Russia.