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Exhibition October 27, 2019 − January 19
Orientalism. Masterpieces from the Dahesh Art Museum
Exhibition "Orientalism. The charm of North Africa and the Middle East. Masterpieces from the Dahesh Art Museum"tells how artists from Europe and America represented the cultures and peoples of Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa - both real and imaginary - throughout the 19th century.

The East fascinated romantic artists who wanted to avoid the urban hustle and bustle of Europe, realists who sought to record a “genuine” East to meet the demands of a changing Western art market. Some traveled to the region as part of official government missions; others accompanied wealthy patrons or were hired by local elites and members of the royal family.

The exhibition features more than 50 exceptional paintings, sculptures and richly illustrated books by artists from Europe and America, such as Herman David Solomon Korrodi, Rudolf Ernst, Ludwig Deutsch, Karl Theodor Frere, Joseph Farquharson, Frederick Leighton, Edwin Longsden Long, Emil Priss d ' Avenn, Owen Jones and Frederick Arthur Bridgman.

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