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Exhibition September 6 − October 10
Anna Shcherbina and Sergey Sabakar. Travel notes
Kiev gallery The Naked Room presents a joint projectAnna Shcherbina and Sergey Sabakar, which includes several series and works of different years. The exposition combines works by such concepts as “destruction”, “romanticism”, “landscape”, and “majestic”.

The series "Some of the Views of Left-Bank Ukraine" by Anna Shcherbina is a watercolor miniature that depicts half or completely destroyed buildings in the eastern region of Ukraine. On this scale, it’s almost impossible to recognize the destruction. Due to this, landscapes look more lyrical than dramatic.

Sergey Sabakar’s series “The Break” presents pictures of a monumental format, which are based on screenshots of Google’s online walks with maps on popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. These works are observations of people who themselves observe, who photograph the sunny, rainbow landscape.

“The project of Anna and Sergey cautiously brings us back to topical issues, which are becoming more and more illusive, but they are not really disappearing from our lives,” noted curators of the exhibition Maria Lanko and Lizaveta German.

Galleries at the exhibition