Bruegel. Drawing world

Exhibition September 8 − December 3, 2017
8 Sep Albertinawill open the exhibition of works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, one of the largest and most significant painters of the 16th century.

He worked in the years of complex political, religious and social change. On his drawings Bruegel satirically portrayed the realities of his time. With humor, amazing insight, and criticism master showed people, their weaknesses and vices. During the life of the artist's contemporaries valued his drawings, many of which were later widely disseminated as templates for engravings on copper.

The exhibition will present about a hundred works, which will allow you to fully appreciate the significance of this artist's work to Dutch painting of the 16th century. In order to allow visitors to learn more about the creative development Brueghel, will be held parallel between him and his great precursors, Bosch and Durer.

The exhibition will show 20 works from their collection of the Albertina, and the rest from international collections. Interestingly, in addition to other works for the first time in many years, will showcase the latest paintings of Bruegel – "Spring" and "Summer."

The exhibition of this, as it was called, "painter of peasants", who was able so accurately to distinguish and show the social problems and vices, will run until 3 December.