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What happens to others

Exhibition September 19 − October 20, 2019
Moscow Museum of Modern Art holds a solo exhibition by Ekaterina Muromtseva"What Happens to Others".

The exhibition combines three projects of the artist, offering to rethink modern history, where direct documentary is adjacent to the artistic imagination. On large-scale watercolors, they line up, intertwine, flow human figures into one another, create a single ornament, the rhythm of the collective body. The figures are familiar characters, common memories, easy-to-read characters, images from the media and recognizable signs of the times.

The exhibition will also show the film "In This Country", built as a shadow theater. This is a mythological story, written on the basis of modern school works of the sixth and eighth grades. Children who were born decades after the end of the USSR talk about what kind of country it was. The third project that will be presented at the exhibition is the quarter to twelve hand-drawn light installation, an endless tape with graphics on films, with recognizable and imagined images merging into a strange collective dream that repeats itself over and over again.

Based on the official websiteMoscow Museum of Modern Art.