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Retrospective By Keith Haring

Exhibition March 9 − June 24, 2018
Albertina announced an exhibition of works by popular contemporary artist Keith Haring, which in 2018 would have celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Drawing was his main goal, constantly incarnating a dream. The artist said: "My contribution to the life of the world — my ability to draw. I will paint as you can for so many people, how many can, as long as you can."

Keith Haring was one of the leading representatives of the "second wave of pop art". It is interesting to know that he started with graffiti new York subway graffiti, and this brought him international fame. Friend and mentor Haring was a famous Warhol – it was he who pushed the artist to the idea that there is nothing wrong to get paid for their creativity. Many Souvenirs – linen, t-shirts, postcards, notebooks – began to dapple the works of Haring, and this made him even more famous. The artist also engaged in charity.

The retrospective aims to show the creativity of this person with different sides to tell about his life through works. Visitors can trace the evolution of the artist's works and his impact on the world and followers.

Special attention at the exhibition, which runs from 9 March to 24 June 2018, will be paid to the symbols in the paintings of Keith Haring.