Unconditional presence

Exhibition September 19 − November 25, 2019
Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art holds an exhibition of Ivan Korshunov“Unconditional presence”.

The exhibition presents large-format paintings by the author, included in all the top lists of the best contemporary artists of Russia.

Ivan Korshunov belongs to a new generation of artists who, comprehending modern life, resort to the language of figurative art and the techniques of traditional painting. The author’s work sees a return to the manner of the old masters, to biblical themes and the desire to deepen artistic time. Using this arsenal of means, the artist puts on the current life around him in the form of a parable.

In the coloristic system of some of Korshunov’s works, there is a craving for caravagism techniques. The art space he creates is not a set of disparate motifs and artifacts: even in everyday scenes, it is important for an artist to emphasize the unconditional presence of a beginning that gives all that is happening with meaning. However, the author does not create a utopian world of blessed harmony - the drama of the ideal in the real becomes one of the main themes of the exhibition.

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Galleries at the exhibition