Modern Ukrainian Symbolism and Mikhail Vrubel

Exhibition 2 − October 20, 2019
National Museum “Kiev Art Gallery” presents the exhibition “Modern Ukrainian Symbolism and Mikhail Vrubel”In the framework of the new museum project“ Dialogue through the Ages ”. The exhibition project will combine both the works of Mikhail Vrubel, which are on permanent display on the second floor of the museum, and the works provided from the funds. They will be exhibited in the halls of the first floor in the space of artistic “dialogue” along with the works of modern Ukrainian artists.

Project participants: Peter Bevza, Andrey Bludov, Oleg Denisenko, Roman Romanishin, Vladimir Bakhtov, Tatyana Bakhtova, Nikolai Zhuravel, Andrey Tsoi, Alexei Malykh, Alexey And, Dmitry Grek, Peter Antip, Yegor Zigura, Alexey Vladimirov, Anatoly Furlet, Yuri Vakulenko , Alexander Yanovich, Marina Afanasyeva.

The National Museum "Kiev Art Gallery" contains unique works by Mikhail Vrubel, whose work began during the "Kiev period" to acquire signs of symbolism, thanks to the immersion in the atmosphere of the traditions of Byzantine and ancient Russian fine art.