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Exhibition September 18 − November 17
Lobster land
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow presents the exhibition for the first time in Russia Lobster Landstar British artist and designer Philip Colbert.

The exposition at MAMM includes selected grandiose paintings by Philip Colbert from private and museum collections, as well as a new series of paintings and sculptures by Lobster Land, created specifically for the exhibition in Moscow.

The works, made in a super-realistic pictorial manner, contain references to the history of Russian art, which had a significant impact on his work.

Philip Colbert was born in Scotland, received a Master of Philosophy from the University of St Andrews, lives and works in London. Founded in 2008 by the fashionable English label The Rodnik Band, Philip Colbert made a real revolution in the fashion industry. The works of Philip Colbert, inspired by the works of pop art stars Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist, in which the artist combined the motifs of paintings by old masters and the everyday images of modern mass culture, allowed Colbert to gain recognition in the international art scene. Recently, Philip Colbert is called "the godfather of Andy Warhol."

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Galleries at the exhibition