In the halo of legends

Exhibition August 3 − November 10, 2019
Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radishchev holds an exhibition"In the halo of legends".

The exhibition housed 25 engravings of various formats, made using the technique of cutter, etching, aquatint by West European engravers of the 16th-18th centuries, including prominent Italian masters Antonio Tempesta (1555-1630) and Salvator Rosa (1615-1673). Many sheets were specially restored for the exhibition; most of the works are exhibited for the first time.

Myths and legends of ancient peoples - one of the most interesting cultural heritage of civilizations. Each nation composed legends about brave heroes, powerful gods, and omnipotent rulers of the ancient world. The exhibition is dedicated to fictional stories and real events and characters, surrounded by legends, relating mainly to the time of antiquity. Many real (historical) events of antiquity are mythologized, they have been familiar to us since childhood, and many of these subjects do not cease to interest throughout life.

Based on the official websiteSaratov State Art Museum. A.N. Radishcheva.