Fashion in art: from antiquity to modern

Exhibition August 16 − November 10, 2019
Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radishchev invites you to visit the exhibition“Fashion in art. From antiquity to modern ”.

The "fashion show" at the exhibition involves paintings, drawings, prints, miniatures, art dolls, old fashion magazines, archival photographs from the collection of the Radishchev Museum. And also the works of decorative art depicted on them - old collars, fans, handbags, perfume bottles, other accessories and interior items.

The earliest, from the point of view of fashion chronology, is the creation of the Eve woodcut by Hans Springinklee, a student and workshop employeeAlbrecht Durer(You will also see his engravings at the exhibition). There are no clothes yet, this is an illustration of the fashion prehistory. The foundation for the entire history of the European costume is the antique style - visitors can compare tunics on Pompeian frescoes of the 1st century BC and their transformation in the works of subsequent eras, up to the panel of the most popular artist of the modern eraAlphonse Mucha.

Guests of the exhibition will find many discoveries. Fashion designers every time present us with the next change in fashion trends as something new and original. But everything in the world is developing in a spiral, and the new, as you know, is simply the well-forgotten old.

Based on the official websiteSaratov State Art Museum. A.N. Radishcheva.