Unwilling friends. Gulag prisoners in the drawings of Nina Lekarenko

Exhibition August 29 − December 1, 2019
The Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radishchev holds an exhibition in the halls of the Engels Art Gallery "Unwilling friends. Gulag prisoners in the drawings of Nina Lekarenko".

In the exposition, you can see drawings by Nina Alekseevna Lekarenko (Noskovich), donated to the museum by her daughter.

There were five “years gone by” in the life of Nina Alekseevna Lekarenko (Noskovich in marriage). She received such a term in 1937 as a “member of the traitor’s homeland family” (CSIR) after the arrest and execution of her husband Mikhail Natanovich Borisov, head of the design bureau of the Engine plant. At the exhibition you can see portraits of women with mutilated fates. Almost all of them are nameless. A typical CSIR is a widow divorced from children, accused of betraying her country, but continuing to believe that the investigators made a mistake and that it would all be over soon.

An exhibition at the Engels Art Gallery makes an important contribution to preserving the memory of the terrible period of history, which should not be repeated.

Based on the official websiteSaratov State Art Museum. A.N. Radishcheva.