Yoko Ono. The sky is always clear

Exhibition October 15 − November 24, 2019
Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the first large-scale project of Japanese artist and singer Yoko Ono in Russia"The sky is always clear".

This is the first large-scale project of Yoko Ono in Russia. It includes the famous Syria "Instructions", the re-shooting of performances and video works of the artist.

Yoko Ono is one of the most important figures in the conceptualism of the 1960s, a representative of the international Fluxus movement, whose work influenced the development of performance, happening and video art. One of the key features of her artistic practice over the past several decades is her special attitude towards the viewer, who often becomes an accomplice in creating a work of art. The project at MMOMA poses several tasks at once: to tell the public about the key elements that determine Yoko’s creative life and to rethink the relationship between the artist and the visitor in the space of the museum institution.

Based on the official websiteMoscow Museum of Modern Art.