Portal 11 Art Prize 2019

Exhibition 1 − November 17, 2019
Portal 11 Gallery presents an exhibition of 11 nominees for the Portal 11 Art Prize 2019 contest.
The theme of the exhibition is “Portal”. The portal reveals what was hidden. Portal - the connection between the material and non-material world. Passing through the portal, we find ourselves in an unknown area, which is hidden behind an obstacle. Crossing the portal is breaking the barrier. This serves as an indication that there is always something behind the barrier. The meaning of the portal is to overcome boundaries or transformation. A portal is a phenomenon of transition through space and time.
We have received over 120 applications. The works of 11 nominees were selected for the exhibition.
Winners of the main and special awards of the competition will be announced at the end of the exhibition.
The works of 11 participants selected by the jury for the award will be published in the catalog of the exhibition of nominees Portal 11 Art Prize 2019.
The exhibition is on display from 1.11 to 17.11. 2019 at:
Kyiv, vul. Triehsvyatitelska, 11
+38 (063) 397 34 57
facebook: galleryportal11
Galleries at the exhibition