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Leonardo and his outstanding circle

Exhibition September 12 − December 8, 2019
CAFA Art Museum hosts Beijing exhibition in BeijingLeonardo and his outstanding circle", Dedicated to the five hundredth anniversary of the death of the Renaissance master. The exhibition presents 30 paintings by the maestro and his art group. These are mainly paintings by students who studied directly with Leonardo da Vinci and his followers such as Giampetrino, Odzhono, Salai and Luini.

“In recent years, Da Vinci’s research in Italy and other countries around the world revolve around his great artistic genius. However, after watching the exhibition, I was struck by the fact that Da Vinci is a great artist, but not a great teacher, because his paintings are much better than his students. This discovery provides a useful lesson for modern education, ”said Zhang Zikang, director of the CAFA Museum.