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Exhibition October 29, 2019 − February 9
Ivan Pokhitonov. On the occasion of the 170th birthday
State Tretyakov Gallery holds a large exhibition of the masterminiature painting of Ivan Pavlovich Pokhitonov.

The exposition included more than 100 works from the Tretyakov Gallery and a private collection. The works presented at the exhibition cover all periods of Pokhitonov's work in the genres of landscape, still life, portrait, landscape-genre painting.

In the work of one of the most peculiar Russian landscape painters of the second half of the XIX - the first decades of the XX century, the poetic view of the world characteristic of the Russian landscape of mood is organically combined with the demanding attitude to the quality of painting, adopted from the Barbizon school. He developed a special artistic manner, allowing for a very small size of paintings to express the characteristic features of native nature, the picturesque richness of landscapes in France, Italy and Belgium. The exhibition provides an opportunity to penetrate the features of the author’s skill, to feel the perfection of his miniature painting. The most prominent critics of that time spoke of Pokhitonov as a phenomenal artist, a talent of a higher order.

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All artworks at the exhibition