Alexander Sukhin. back side

Exhibition October 5 − November 25, 2019
The museum association "Artistic Culture of the Russian North" in the halls of the Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic named after A.A. Borisova presents the exhibition“Alexander Sukhin. Back side".

The exposition presents graphic works and photographs based on travel materials of the artist Alexander Sukhin.

Images created by Alexander Sukhin, a person who does not have special visual experience, can not be peeped in wildlife. They can be found in mathematics, microbiology, physics, mineralogy. The author's graphic images arise in the mind a priori - at the level of intuition. The portal to this world of images was opened to the artist by the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher. In such an art, graphics were practiced and perfected by world-renowned artists: Joseph Albers, Oscar Ruthersvard, Jose de May, Istvan Oros, Sandro del Pre, who create paper figures and objects that are impossible for materialization in three-dimensional space. They created optical illusions with elements of surrealism (Jos de May, Istvan Oros). This trend in art was called Imp-art (from impossible). The work of Alexander Sukhin is close to the design exercises of the designers and the works of the artists listed above, but differs from them in philosophical background and an attempt to fill the form with meaning and content.

Prepared from the materials of the site of the Museum Association"Artistic Culture of the Russian North".