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Violence and disobedience

Exhibition August 17, 2019 − March 8, 2020
Dallas Museum of Art Presents ExhibitionViolence and disobedience".

With their avant-garde style and abandonment of artistic traditions, a new generation of rebellious artists known as expressionists became famous in the early 20th century.

Designated as “degenerates,” many of the expressionists have been drafted or otherwise affected by the war. To express their personal reaction to the atrocities they experienced, they turned to boldly simplified linear work, distorted shapes, or clashing colors. First of all, they announced print production - a quick, inexpensive tool full of creativity - as the main form of artistic rebellion.

Artists at the exhibition: Kete Kolwitz, Max Klinger, Max Pechstein, Ludwig Meidner, Ernst Barlach and others.