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Out of my mind

Exhibition October 29 − November 17, 2019
The Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries together with the Italian Institute of Culture in St. Petersburg presents an exhibition project"Out of my mind"Italian artist Tito Marchi.

The exhibition presents about 30 paintings by the author.

The name of the exhibition reflects its main idea - the search for a solution to the problem of self-identification of a person through research, first of all, of his own "I". Creating self-portraits and “trying on” various images on them, Marchi, as it were, demonstrates views “from the inside” and “from the outside”.
A curious vision of Tito Marchi allows you to get closer to the knowledge of the modern world through a self-portrait, helps a person to identify himself. Such a bold, shocking approach to your own self-portrait sometimes provokes the viewer to close attention to your face, in-depth self-analysis and the creation of self-portraits.

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