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"Easter Poster"

Exhibition 16 − April 23, 2017
Moscow international graphic design Biennale "Golden bee" dedicated to the development of design culture and the search for a visual language of modernity, from time to time puts to the world design community and the "eternal questions" that were raised only art. Among the nominations Biennale were topics such as "Graphic design and religion" (2010), "the Ten commandments" (2012), "Faith. Hope. Love" (2014), "Mercy" (2016). The current exhibition in Budva presented posters of different years of these nominations. In addition, a significant part of the results of the contest "Easter banner", has just held the "Golden bee" together with the Dukley European Art Community especially for this exhibition, opening April 16, 2017, when a rare event – Easter is celebrated by Christians of different countries and faiths together in one day.

It is believed that the informative function of the poster is gone. But posters can convey not only the immediate one-time information and deep human feelings. This is what makes the posters gathered in this exhibition. Convey the joy of the holiday, which is called the "feast of feasts". The language of contemporary visual images and all being astonished poster space they always tell us the big news, rejoicing in the glad tidings: "Christ is risen!". The power of the joy of this festival is that it is felt and shared by all – believers and non-believers.
Galleries at the exhibition