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Tanya Antoshina "Reggae Feminism" and Alena Kremenets "Serenity"

Exhibition 16 − April 23, 2017
Are in constant search of new forms, undoubtedly, the Montenegrin environment, nature, flora and fauna have on my creativity a big impact. In my works I use bionic form. Inspired by the textures of the old houses, faults, rocks, mold, and mosses. Sometimes even in the garbage seeing the harmony and beauty.
What usually remains behind the scenes, or is the noise, considered through the prism of his work. Focuses attention on minor details, forming a new space, through the use of mixed techniques: machine and hand embroidery, beads, bugles, and other things.
Only by living in Montenegro, I realized how valuable and important human relationships. Love, friendship, neighbourly and friendly... Especially when your social circle is limited to a small number of people.
My work is a celebration of humanity. Laudatory opinion about those who were close to me, who helped and supported, who loved and believed in no matter what. The perpetuation of those who changed me and made everything. What is truly important
Alena Kremenets

Reggae Feminism
This year the Russian revolution will celebrate its 100th anniversary. From revolutionary romanticism to our time is not gone. And what about feminism? As part of the revolutionary programme, is not lost whether it is your initial energy? Yes, of course. Feminism won for women's constitutional rights, and at this stage have lost the revolutionary spirit.
But the world in which we live is created by men and designed for them. Art could not be better illustrates this idea: 99% of Nude paintings – women, 90% of the authors in museums are men. Gender inequality still exists, it is a fact. It often remains out of sight, as it lies in our minds. Moreover, masculine stereotypes of gender consciousness is peculiar not only to men but also to women.
The discoveries and achievements that make women often go unnoticed or are quickly forgotten. But even if the names of great artists or writers we know, as a rule, do not remember their faces. This time I continue the series of portraits on the fabric of the CITY WOMEN. In addition, included here, and sculptural images of performances by artists. But now my characters are placed in an imaginary garden. Such impressions gave me today Montenegro: a long endless spring, every day new flowers bloom, each day I see animals and birds who live nearby... the talk about eternal youth, coming from the School of Longevity, then Orthodox Easter... I want to prolong that holiday feeling.
We need to rethink our values – whether all that we say and even think – in reality corresponds to our desires. Sisters, we can do what we think is right, not looking for man's opinion. We puffed out his cheeks, just as men do. And today we can just exhale. Of course, the struggle for equality must continue around the World. But in the new situation required something else - a voice of our own. New age music - not Heavy Metal, Soul and Reggae.
Sisters, we are millions! The Internet belongs to us. Art is our God. We want to sing and dance, to dress up, walk in the gardens, there's a stupid ice cream, staring into the sky. Long live Reggae-Feminism!
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