In the country of Pisakhov's tales

Exhibition October 26, 2019 − February 29, 2020
The museum association “The Artistic Culture of the Russian North” presents the exhibition “In the Country of Pisakhovsky Tales”.

At the exhibition you can see picturesque paintings, drawings and personal belongings of Stepan Grigoryevich Pisakhov (1879-1960), a Russian artist, storyteller, traveler and ethnographer.

Pisakhov, a painter, is known as the "singer of the northern pine." Many of the artist’s northern landscapes firmly entered the circle of the best works of Russian art. Pisakhov, the storyteller, became a classic during his lifetime. His figurative, colorful, sparkling humor tales are well known throughout Russia, translated into Ukrainian, Polish and English.

Based on site materialsMuseum Association "Artistic Culture of the Russian North".