Tryphon Podryabinnikov. Sketches for ceramics

Exhibition October 16, 2019 − January 19, 2020
Tver Regional Art Gallery (TOKG) presents the works of a famous artist, graphic artist and ceramistTrifon Zakharovich Podryabinnikov "Sketches for ceramics".

The exposition presents sketches of the 1920s - 1930s, embodied both in unique products and in mass production. Some of the sketches made "in the material" can be seen in a permanent exhibition in the adjacent halls of the gallery.

Trifon Zakharovich Podryabinnikov, as an artist and technologist, created and painted unique pieces of art (including panels and vases dedicated to significant events in the life of the state), developed mass products produced in huge runs, improved the technique of underglaze painting of porcelain and faience with metal salt solutions . The Tver Picture Gallery has a unique monographic collection, numbering more than one hundred works created in different years, and reflecting the versatility of the master’s talent. This is easel painting and graphics, porcelain and faience, and, of course, first of all, sketches of forms and murals for ceramics.

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