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Exhibition October 30 − December 1
Illusion in graphics and poster. Istvan Oros
Museum complex to them. AND I. Slovtsova holds an exhibition"Illusion in graphics and poster"famous Hungarian artist, illustrator and poster artist Istvan Oros.

The exhibition will feature graphic works, three-dimensional objects, posters of the author.

Istvan Oros is one of the most famous figures of visual culture in Hungary, a designer, poster artist, illustrator, easel graphic artist, theater and film artist. It belongs to those masters who enriched the visual culture and history of 20th century art with their own unique graphic language. Be it book illustration, easel graphics, painting or a poster, Oros builds his own magical worlds, unimaginable in three-dimensional Euclidean space, juggles measurements and leads the viewer into the fabulous spaces of his own imagination.

Based on site materialsMuseum complex them. AND I. Slovtsova.