Makovsky, Makovsky ... And again Makovsky

Exhibition October 18 − December 15, 2019
In the Museum complex to them. AND I. Slovtsova in the halls of the large exhibition "Masterpieces of the art collection" is an exhibition"Makovsky, Makovsky ... And again Makovsky".

The exposition is represented by paintings by Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky, who this year marks 180 years since his birth (1839-1915), as well as the works of his brothers - Nikolai and Vladimir Makovsky.

Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky was the highest paid master, had lifetime fame, which rarely falls to the artist. His creations are characterized by artistry, picturesque splendor, and at the same time exact adherence to nature. Nikolai Egorovich Makovsky (1841-1886) was somewhat in the shadow of his older brother. Interesting is his small series of interiors of the ancient structures of Moscow, in particular the Kremlin, where Yegor Ivanovich, the father of the Makovsky artists, served. Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky (1846-1920) - an outstanding genre painter, one of the most famous artists of the Wanderers. In his works, the younger Makovsky diversified the life of Russia in the second half of the XIX century. He wrote representatives of all walks of life: officials and bourgeois, artisans and peasants, prisoners and gendarmes, students, beggars, less often nobles and military.
The creativity of the Makovsky brothers is a special page in the artistic culture of Russia in the second half of the 19th century.

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