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Exhibition November 8, 2019 − January 19, 2020

Artists of the Russian Abroad in the Livre d'artiste Publications

Yeltsin Center in conjunction with the Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin present an exhibition“Artists of the Russian Abroad in the Livre d'artiste Publications”.

The exhibition features twenty-eight editions of the livre d'artiste of the fifteen major artists: Alexander Alekseev, Yuri Annenkov, Natalia Goncharova, Sonya Delaunay, Leon Zack, Maxim Cantor, Andrei Lansky, Ivan Lebedev, Victor Pivovarov, Serge Polyakov, Ivan Puni, Leopold Survage, Konstantin Tereshkovich, Osip Zadkin and Marc Chagall.

The basis of the exhibition consists of publications from the collections of collectors George Gens and Boris Fridman.
The exhibition "Artists of the Russian Abroad in the Livre d'artiste Publications" for the first time united in this context fifteen artists of Russian origin who had a significant influence on the development of world art. Representing the most diverse areas of art, these masters with great enthusiasm worked in the genre of livre d'artiste, creating unique series of original printed graphics.

Livre d'artiste - This is a special type of publication of a literary text with illustrations made in the form of original printed graphics (lithography, etching, woodcut, etc.). Each publication has a relatively small circulation (from tens to several hundred copies), printed on special grades of paper and designed in a certain way: as a rule, these are unbroken sheets in a box or case. In most cases, such publications are signed by the author, artist or publisher. A distinctive feature of the livre d'artiste publications is that they are created primarily to show the artist’s work, and the text is a kind of construction in which the artist’s work is placed.

Based on site materialsYeltsin Center.