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Karl Stimpson. Music

Exhibition November 15 − December 15, 2019
Erarta Museum of Modern Art holds an exhibition by Karl Stimpson “Music”.

The exposition will consist of more than 70 paintings. The stylistic works are similar to the comic book pictures. In the presented exposition, painting and etchings represent the face of Karl Stimpson's artistic work, then the music and rhythm pulsate inside and create the sound background of his works.

Karl Stimpson is an English artist, born in Kidderminster, studied art at the Bournemouth Institute of the Arts (now Bournemouth University of the Arts). Currently lives and works in London. In his compositional landscapes, Stimson uses song titles, poems, album covers, and icons. He always had an inherent desire for the selection and clash of artistic images.

Especially for the exhibition, the artist painted Ural musicians and bands, which will also be presented at the exhibition. Among them are a portrait of Alexander Pantykin, the Chayf group, the singer Lisa Monetochki, which are depicted on the Ekaterinburg buildings of the constructivist era.

Based on the official websiteErarta Museum of Contemporary Art.