Turner. Horror and delight

Exhibition November 8, 2019 − January 26, 2020
Exhibition "Horror and delight"Dedicated to Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851), the most important British landscape painter of the Romantic era, and his travels through the Swiss Alps and Italy’s Arcadic landscapes.

Most of the works exhibited are from Turner's collection in the Tate Gallery. In addition to the eighty paintings and watercolors provided by this museum, the exhibition also includes about thirty works by artists such as Caspar Wolf, Claude-Joseph Vernet and John Martin.

Turner was deeply impressed when he visited Switzerland and its mountains in 1802. This is evidenced by the fact that the greatness of nature, with its elemental forces capable of causing horror and fear, plays a leading role in its spectacular ideas about storms and other natural disasters. However, an avalanche that collapses loses its insidious potential when transferred to the canvas, which allows visitors to get some pleasure from the skillful reproduction of the disaster, so that they experience both horror and delight.

Galleries at the exhibition