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String theory

Exhibition October 15 − November 17, 2019

/ installation, objects, graphics /

Ponomarev is interested in the process, its fixation, its intrinsic value; for him he is both tactics and strategy. With ease playing on scales that are increasingly difficult to squeeze into cubic meters of exhibition space, he seeks to be at the epicenter, in the "center of the cyclone", the periphery does not make sense to him. His drawing appears on the sea charts, turning over the given routes, dissolving the image with bundles of lines with its own navigation. He plays with a seemingly unshakable, changing the functionality of the submarine, dissolving the islands in the fog, reproducing waves of concrete. He seeks to be involved in a large process, where ownership will be the key word in the perception of his monologue, the poetics of a personal epic.

The exhibition "String Theory" is just about ownership of the whole, its scale, depth and what is generally not possible to track, and sometimes portray.

Here the submarine will not emerge, the islands in the North Sea will not disappear, and Antarctica will not flinch. On the contrary. Ponomarev reconstructs something internal, his own. He reproduces String Theory, his String Theory, in the context and vector of a polysyllabic legend, where the author of the homoviator himself is a traveling person, her cast, ontologically connected with her in the space of a “deep sensation of miracle”.

Moscow, Klimentovsky per., 9/1
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