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Promotion A3 / 33

Exhibition October 17 − December 2, 2019
October 17, 2019 Gallery A3 of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" opens the action.
One of the most famous galleries of our time, Gallery A3 opened the door during perestroika, becoming one of the symbols of freedom of creativity, freedom of expression and the victory of creativity over ideological restrictions.
In the difficult times of the nineties, the gallery walls became a refuge for those who remained out of the market, who did not change their gift for the sake of fleeting prosperity.
The Gallery A3 collection, collected over long and difficult years of work, is the best example of devotion to Man and his high aspirations.
More than a thousand art exhibitions, literary evenings, theatrical experiments, bold performances, hundreds of new names glorifying Russia.
The gallery gave and gives inspiration to those who are taking their first steps in the creative search, admiration for eminent masters, and a place for thought for connoisseurs of contemporary art.
The intensity with which the gallery has been working for decades left traces of fatigue, and the city decided to give the gallery a new youth. But Gallery A3 was not that impudent and courageous that we know her if she quietly and unpretentiously closed the doors during the repair.
On October 17, 2019, the grandiose action "A3 / 33" will open.
More than ten of the most famous Russian artists of our time, together with the young hopes of art, are already creating their works right on the walls of the gallery.
This exhibition crowns the 33 years of the exhibition hall, which many hundreds of creative names call their home.
Of course, in the repair process, all work will be lost, and this is the dialectic of creativity, the fleeting inspiration and the eternity of the trace that remains.
This wonderful event is the gratitude of the artists for the years spent together, and the anxious expectation of what A3 will become after a complete reconstruction, what other names the world will open to art and what inspiration it will give to friends and admirers of these walls in the heart of an ancient and at the same time very modern beloved city.


Departed artists:
Andrey Grositsky,
Evgeny Vakhtangov,
Aelita Lentovskaya.

Contemporary artists:
Boris Kocheyshvili,
Alexander Pankin,
Dmitry Pankin,
Boris Markovnikov,
Tanya Strelbitskaya
Ruben Apresyan,
Valery and Natasha Cherkashin,
Vladimir Vinogradov,
Alena Fedotkina,
Pavel Otdelnov,
Mikhail Roshnyak,
Maxim of Smyrnomudrensky,
Alexander Elmar
Eugene Sharvin,
Alexey and Alice Opara,
Vladimir Amodeo,
Lada Anikina,
Andrey Vishnevsky,
Anastasia Omelchenko,
Olga Eliseeva
Stepan Myannik,
Art group Metafizica,
Anna Lapshinova,
Valida Kazhlaeva
Irina Brinkus,
Denis Ermolov
Vasily Grigoryev,
Polina Samoilova,
Julia Saltykova,
Daria Iskoskova,
Sofia Karaulova,
Elizaveta Eliseeva
Victoria Kugusheva,
Anastasia Kugusheva,
Catherine Rime
Djemma Sattar,
Asya Klimenko
Elizaveta Pushkina,
Vasilisa Raspanova,
Tanya Pasotskaya,
Veronika Trifonova
Alexey Goncharenko
students and schoolchildren of art
Moscow universities

Curator: Vitaly Patsyukov