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"Theatre Collective Gesture"

Exhibition 24 − January 31, 2016
Natalya Zaloznaya: "In the book of Milan Kundera "Immortality", there is a small but meaningful episode for me. He writes about the woman of our days, that whenever he entered the lift, he could not imagine what to expect from him once again. One day he decided to get up when she wanted to go down, at other times not allowed to open the door and kept her in captivity, he would sometimes start to twitch, like a man afflicted with St. Vitus's dance. And although she knows her Cybernetics, however, can not explain to myself what's going on in the technical brain of this machine. In this little episode, I found a way today. Having lost the wholeness of the picture of the world, society which becomes disjointed, incoherent video thinking, rushing in the stream of scraps of information, and loses the ability of understanding the focus of the movement. The world with the internal approach, with standardized, stereotyped culture, in which individuality loses its uniqueness, and along with it your free choice. Like the character of Milan Kundera, we are as if in the thrall of the Elevator, closing the door, takes us in a direction known only to him. Global civilization is rushing in a blind thread, creating a hypnotic synchronicity of society. "While man, betrayed by the world, runs in himself, in his longing, in your dreams, in your rebellion and gives stun himself the voice of his sick soul to such an extent that no longer hears the voices, seeking him from the outside."
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