Jasper Jones, 1960–2018. Retrospective

Exhibition October 24, 2020 − January 24, 2021
When Jasper Johns' flags and targets paintings debuted in 1958, they immediately brought him recognition and made him an important link between abstract expressionism and pop art. Over the next 60 years, Jones (USA, p. 1930) continued to amaze viewers with the beauty and complexity of his paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints. Today, he is considered one of the greatest American artists of the 20th century.

At the exhibition "Jasper Jones, 1960–2018. Retrospective»Talks about six decades of Jones print practice. It presents about 90 works on intaglio printing, lithography, woodcut, linoleum cutting, screen printing, lead relief and blind embossing - all of them are taken from the artist’s complete collection of works.

The exhibition, organized in four thematic, approximately chronological sections, follows Jones as he revises and repeats key motifs over time. Viewers will see examples of his familiar flags and targets, as well as images that explore the tools, materials and methods of marking artists; abstract works based on motifs known as stone slabs and line signs; and later works teeming with autobiographical and personal images.