Anatoliy Akue | Invitation to a journey

Exhibition April 28 − May 5, 2016
The title Invitation to Travel has no double meaning. Over the past five years I have visited a large number of countries and cities I travelled across Russia from Kamchatka to the polar circle, meditated under the Bodhi tree in India and looked across the Strait of Gibraltar at Africa. The project, which is opening in the tunnel gallery, is a combination of different experiences from the countries that I haven't visited, but through its colours and manner the entire work beckons us to buy a ticket and hit the road. For me this is the most interesting time. It is an inspiration for self-improvement, to understand that the world is not how we see it, always living in the same cities. It often happens that we lack the spontaneity to travel, no time or money, but what a person gains by travelling is an invaluable experience, which allows you, having returned, to look at your surroundings with a fresh glance. The second part of the exhibition will take place in Dukley Gardens. The works displayed there are made from photographs of the most inspiring places for me.
Galleries at the exhibition