From proof to excellence: a series of printed works by Edward Vuillard “Paysages et Intérieurs”

Exhibition October 4, 2019 − January 8, 2020
Printing series "Paysages et intérieurs"Is one of the highlights of the work of the French artist Eduard Vuillard (1868-1940). Vuillard was part of Nabi, a group of young painters who considered works on paper, such as prints and posters, as independent works of art, while in the world of traditional art, it was paintings that were considered art.

"Paysages et Intérieurs" consists of 13 color lithographs that give an idea of the world of Vuillard. The engravings depict his family and friends in Parisian apartments or in places where Vuillard loved to walk. Emphasizing decorative patterns, Vuillard separated his work from visible reality, while maintaining an intimate character - exactly what makes this series of engravings so unique.