Monument to the gallant century

Exhibition December 16, 2019 − April 12, 2020
Museums of the Moscow Kremlin take part in the exhibition"Monument to the gallant century"in the State Historical-Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve “Tsaritsyno”, dedicated to fashion, interior, applied arts and lifestyle in the 1760-1780s.

Interesting monuments from the museum collection are presented as illustrations for engravings by Jean-Michel Moreau the Younger in the Monument du costume series.

Among the objects on display are works of European jewelry: a small travel bag made from a heliotrope and a needle bed made of agate, as well as pocket watches by one of the most famous English watchmakers - John Ellicott. The golden case for sealing wax, made in the style of French neoclassicism of the second half of the 18th century, stands out. The exhibition also demonstrates objects related to hunting traditions of the 1760-1780s - an elegant dog-necked collar embroidered with gold threads and a scourge designed to train horses. The exposition presents a magnificent Tula rifle in 1762 with a barrel decorated with carved high relief ornaments on a gilded gilded field and lodges inlaid with silver plates, as well as a rifle by Gavrila Permyakov, court gunsmith of Empress Catherine II.

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