Kinematic tales. Exhibition of Victor Grigoriev

Exhibition December 24, 2019 − January 19, 2020
State Memorial Museum A.V. Suvorova holds an exhibition"Kinematic tales of Victor Grigoriev".

Moving art objects of St. Petersburg theater artist Viktor Grigoriev are located in the main exhibition space and brought an atmosphere of magic to the historical museum interior.

Victor Grigoriev, who passed away in February 2019, defined his style with the phrase “art mechanic”. He created numerous kinetic toys, complex large-scale objects and groovy wall paintings fascinate the viewer with his ability to move, original style and approach to the material: metal, wood, glass, plastic. The appearance of objects of "art mechanics" in the Suvorov Museum seems absolutely justified historically. As you know, Suvorov lived in the heyday of mechanics as a direction of science and art. The commander was not only a contemporary of the ingenious self-taught inventor Ivan Kulibin, who received the position of mechanic at the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences from Catherine II, but was also interested in his work. Under the leadership of Kulibin, numerous tools and scientific instruments, as well as art objects, were made in the academic workshops. The name of the legendary mechanic became a household name, and today Victor Grigoryev can rightly be called "Kulibin of the XXI century."

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