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Graphic Images

Exhibition November 21, 2019 − March 1, 2020
Graphics is a complex phenomenon whose significance goes beyond the boundaries of fine art and visual culture. It plays an important role in scientific atlases, children's books, virtual space, and, of course, in gallery collections.

Exhibition "Graphic Images"shows how in recent years the graphic image of visibility has established itself outside its natural environment and begins to infringe or even directly colonize not only other media (painting, photography, cinema, etc.), but also the means of our orientation in the world.

Artists at the exhibition: Odilon Redon, Max Klinger, James Ensor, Voitech Preisig, Max Shvabinsky, Josef Vachal, Frantisek Tihi, Jan Smetana, Boguslav Reineck, Vladimir Budnik, Dalibor Chatrna, Miloshen Victor Zworcz Ivan Pichel, Otto Piene, Dieter Roth, Sarah Schumann, Alena Kucherova, Adriena Shimotova, Rudolf Sikora, Daniel Fisher, Voitech Kovarzhik, Sharka Trchkova and others.