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Exhibition January 23 − March 9
Venus and geometry. Painting by Vladimir Weisberg

Victoria Gallery, together with the Pushkin Museum and the IN ARTIBUS Foundation, for the first time in Samara shows a monographic exhibition of one of the most outstanding Russian painters of the 20th century, Vladimir Weisberg"Venus and geometry."

The exposition contains 23 works by the artist, which represent all periods of his work from the 40s to the 80s.

Viewers will see one of Weisberg's rarest landscape works, early still lifes - from the Mashkovsky still life Fruits to the illusionistic Breads (1950); bright female images of the turn of the 1950-60s; iconic works of the 1960s - the time of transition from color to white, as well as the entire diversity of the “white on white” period (1970-80s). Department of personal collections of the Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin will present at the exhibition 14 paintings from his collection. A special exhibit will be gypsum figures and a figurine, which Weisberg used when writing his last still life, Venus and Geometry (1984), which remained unfinished on an easel.

Prepared from the gallery website"Victoria".
Galleries at the exhibition