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Exhibition June 13 − September 7
Charmed: The Story of a Fantasy Illustration
Fictional worlds of magic and adventure come to life thanksfantasy illustration. Myths, legends, fables, romance and epic battles with swords and witchcraft occur in an unfamiliar world. Unlike science fiction based on facts, fantasy is a figurative reality built on universal themes: heroes defeating fire-breathing dragons, angels and demons fighting, and mythological tales of love and loss.

For millennia, humanity has depicted similar fantastic themes in many cultures. Well-known mythology researcher Joseph Campbell argued that humanity creates fantasies to help us understand the universe and our existence, outline good and evil, and teach us how to thrive in disasters.

Images of dreams and nightmares, fictional creatures, gods and monsters become reality thanks to visual images in fantasy art. Fantasy illustration interprets the imagination of the "undiscovered self." In a 1929 interview, theoretical physicist Albert Einstein stated: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination surrounds the world. ”

Artists at the exhibition: Donato Giancola, Anna Dittmann, James Garney, Scott Gustafson, Nico Delorte, Scott Brandage, Rose O'Neill, Gerald Brom, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Gary Gianni and others.

All artists at the exhibition