The art in life. 1918-1925

Exhibition August 17 − November 20, 2017
In the State Russian Museum opened the exhibition "Art in life. 1918 - 1925". The exhibition presents to the audience of Soviet propaganda art of the first post-revolutionary years. In those years this is the direction in art was truly massive, covering a variety of aspects of everyday life.

The exhibition takes place in the year of the 100th anniversary of the October revolution. The Central exhibits of the exhibition was the production of Decorative Institute, who worked in Petrograd-Leningrad in the years 1918-1926.
In the collection of the Russian Museum is more than 30 works of applied art, as well as a collection of design sketches of the city, models of monuments established upon the plan of monumental propaganda, one of the finest collections of porcelain, connected with the history of the Decorative Institute. The authors of these beautiful works are R. Franz, N. Altman, I. Shkolnik, N. Lapshin, M., Wexler, L. Mileeva, A., Kleinberg, E. Wittenberg, and many other artists who have left an appreciable trace in the history of Russian avant-garde.
The exposition includes over 200 works from the collections of the Russian Museum, but also Hermitage, Museum of theatrical and musical artand private collections. Many of the exhibits are widely known, many of the audience will see for the first time.

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Foundation of marriage, and Irene Ludwig.

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