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In the great hall from September 1 to September 22, 2019
Rostislav Ivanov's exhibition “Universal Harmony” will present icon painting, painting, graphics, small plastic. The desire to combine all types of art with a red thread runs through the work of Rostislav Nikolaevich. Studying in various art institutions of the USSR, having seen and tried a lot in his life (from working in the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater to the profession of a fireman), he came to understand the world through chaos, to creativity through chaos, as the artist himself says: “There is no end to tracking an ongoing line of chaos in all forms of art. ” His main goal R. Ivanov sets the transmission of the form of love and harmony through the image. The artist considers icons to be their highest manifestation, because it is in them, in his opinion, that there is a "universal look."
Icon painting came to us from Byzantium, and the history of Russian icon painting has more than 1000 years. The icon has always been considered a testimony of the incarnation of God, because “it does not embody the phenomenon in his living flesh, but the highest non-material, irrational essence with the goal of spiritual healing of a person, returning to the state before the fall” (N.A. Yakovlev’s Artistic Expressive Means of Iconography and other).
The exposition “Universal Harmony” is chosen so that secular works do not interfere, but rather complement icon-painting images. Ideas embodied in oil, sculpture and graphics reflect the artist’s view on religious and cosmological topics. In his works, Rostislav Nikolaevich admires the line and plasticity of dance, the beauty of people and animals, and pays special attention to one of the main religious symbols of many cultures - the egg. It is believed that in the embryo of the egg is everything that will ever be created, it symbolizes chaos, the shapeless state of the world, containing the rudiments of all things.
Rostislav Nikolaevich Ivanov was born in the village of Narym in the Tomsk Region in 1941. He spent his childhood in an orphanage near Tomsk, where he began to draw, and later dance. For 8 years, R. Ivanov worked at the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater, and then decided to return to painting. He studied at many art institutions of the USSR: Donetsk University (Faculty of Russian Language and Literature, 3 year), Art College. M. B. Grekov, Rostov-on-Don (the faculty of theater, 2 year), Art College. K. A. Savitsky, Penza (3 courses), studied at the icon painter in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra (1 year).
Has experience as a sitter, janitor, firefighter. He worked in the Yabloko ensemble under the direction of Yuri Berendyukov in the city of Leningrad, and also sang in the choir of the Holy Trinity Church in Vsevolozhsk. He organized the ensemble of song and dance “Belun”, and later the studio “There is light around the world”. In different years he taught sound therapy, painting, choreography, singing, poetry, meditation, sculpture, etc. For many years he has been engaged in sound as a spiritual practice, sound as a healing, a way of revealing and developing talent.
Timofeeva Galina