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Exhibition November 13 − December 1, 2019

Soul Tummy

Rostislav Ivanov will not be surprised if he is called a wizard, may not be offended if he is considered to be an eccentric, but one thing is for sure - a Special man, which is impossible to forget, even at a passing meeting.

On November 12, the exhibition "RUSSIAN LEFT" (st. Italianskaya 35) opened the exhibition of Rostislav Ivanov - "Plasticity of the soul." Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the opening, but today (November 15) I visited the world of kindness and immediacy of an artist from the people.
Usually, so much positive gives children creativity. Children's drawings are difficult and undesirable to supplement - the invasion of a skilled adult's hand destroys the unique, naive perception of the world: the child draws how he feels, how he sees and understands only. Adult is a genuine vision to strive to fit the legalized patterns. Correct strokes, lines, color kill in a child's drawing liveliness and delight. The world of Rostislav Ivanov is akin to the pure world of the child not exhausted by correspondences; it is primordial in its essence and form. The Creator is comprehensively positive and is recognizable by this. The images are full of movement - jumping, pouring, playing, hovering, obeying the impulses of the soul, which is more important for the artist than the generally accepted standard. R. Ivanov, unequivocally, touches simplicity without guile. As for small plastic surgery - I liked everything, precisely because the images were not extorted, not thought out in details, but were born under the influence of emotions, mood, strength, breathing, a rush of a specific moment. Appearing in natural material - a bird, a turtle, a horse, a person, they took a new incarnation as a gift of the creator. According to the creative theory of R. Ivanov, any person can become a creator almost immediately, the main thing is to want and do, obeying the movement of his soul. Hands feel - in the fingers the heart responds, craving is born and thoughts mature, thoughts form images and forms ...
Tatyana Kovsha (museum director)