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Rubens. The princely portraits

Exhibition October 4, 2017 − January 14, 2018
The Luxembourg Museum in Paris announced the exhibition "Rubens. The princely portraits". The work of the "Prince of painters and painter of princes" can be seen on October 4, 2017 January 14, 2018.

Peter Paul Rubens – the brightest representative of the Baroque era. His paintings featured a variety of genres is both religious and mythological, and historical subjects, portraits, and landscapes.

Thanks to his talent, erudition and ability to make small talk Rubens was very much appreciated at the court of the leading European States and as a painter, and as a diplomat. The artist did not strive for riches, he only wanted the glory and recognition of their abilities.

Portraits of Marie de Medici, Charles V, Louis XIII, created by Rubens and some of his famous contemporaries (including van Dyck, Velasquez, Purusam), will allow visitors to be transported straight to the XVII century, immersed in the world of Palace intrigue and luxury, to see the great rulers of the past... A image of nobility, created by Rubens, still remain obscure. Exhibition in the Luxembourg Museum will help to fix it.