Albion on the banks of the Volga

Exhibition July 1 − November 26, 2017
Yaroslavl art Museum invites you to an amazing exhibition "Albion on the banks of the Volga". The exhibition consists of works by British artists of the XVIII – early XIX century, among which watercolor, painting, portrait miniatures and works of applied art. All exhibits are from the collection of Sergei and Tatyana Podstanitsky (Moscow).

The exhibition covers the period in which the national British art is going through its heyday. It is that time called the "Golden age" of English painting, it is the turn of XVIII –XIX centuries gave the world a galaxy of great masters whose names are known to this day. Not least among them are the English portrait painters, whose works included in the exhibition "Albion on the banks of the Volga". Among them Joshua Reynolds is an outstanding artist, the first President of the Royal Academy of arts, Thomas Lawrence is the author of numerous portraits of the English and European aristocracy, the artist – painter and graphic artist, one of the most talented and the most educated women of the age of Enlightenment and others.

It is noteworthy that many of the masters, whose works presented in the exhibition, worked in Russia. Particularly well-known British artist George Dawe, who painted portraits of members of the Royal family, courtiers and Ministers. For the Military gallery of the Winter Palace Dou wrote 332 portraits of generals of the Russian army – the participants of the military campaign of 1812-1814.

The exhibition also includes ceramics and copies of the gems, made by James Tassi – the inventor of the original recipe glass paste, products of which to this day bear his name.

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