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Nikita Medvedev. Athos - Holy Mountain

Exhibition February 5 − April 19, 2020
Yaroslavl Art Museum holds an exhibition of paintings“Nikita Medvedev. Athos - Holy Mountain ".

The exhibition presents paintings and graphic works by the Honored Artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts Nikita Vsevolodovich Medvedev (1950–2018), created by the artist based on travels to Mount Athos.

Medvedev is a studentHelia Korzheva, master of monumental art, he worked a lot in temples of the Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Moscow, Belgorod regions - he performed mosaics, paintings, painted icons. The amazing gift of a colorist, an understanding of form and space, the fusion of traditions originating in the art of Ancient Russia and modernity - all this makes the works of Nikita Medvedev recognizable. In his works, he always set the task of purely personal comprehension and reflection of the world.

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