Miroslav Yagoda. “I + GOD = A”

Exhibition February 21 − April 12, 2020
National Art Museum of Ukraine holds an exhibitionMiroslava Berries “I + GOD = A”dedicated to the art of a unique Lviv artist.

The exposition acquaints visitors with painting, graphics, dramaturgy, poetry and other aspects of the author's work.

The fantasy nature of the images of Miroslav Yagoda has no analogues in the work of other artists. The author was formed in the 1980s - 1990s, a period of active social and cultural transformations, a change in political systems, and the absence of stable moral norms and rules. Miroslav Yagoda’s creativity is difficult to fit into the given framework: he breaks stereotypes, combining low and high, experience and immediacy, moving from a biblical parable to topical topics. It balances on the brink of a grotesque, but does not slip into the ironic postmodern juggling of meanings and quotes. In a broad context, Berry's painting continues the lineGoji-Munch-Baselitz.

The name of the exhibition “I + GOD = A” is the formula of the poetic manifesto of Miroslav Yagoda. The artist dissects and reassembles his surname, turning the alphabet in reverse order from the last to the first letter, from the isolated individual “I” to the origin, Alpha, through the cornerstone - the presence of God.

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