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Exhibition January 30 − May 24
Angelika Kaufman. Artist, energy, influence
Kunstpalast Museum dedicates to a large overview exhibition "Artist, energy, influence"Angelica Kaufmann (1741–1807), the most famous artist in the era of enlightenment and sensitivity.

Some of the approximately 100 paintings, drawings and sculptures are first shown publicly. Printed graphics and handicrafts based on Kaufman motifs also revive the time when it was said: “The whole world is crazy about Angelica”!

"Perhaps the most cultured woman in Europe," according to J. G. Herder, was a cosmopolitan artist of the European rank of classicism. Kaufman made a career that was unprecedented for women at the time. She appeared with remarkable early work, was educated in Italy and became famous in London as a historian and portrait painter. Finally, a smart, business woman opened one of the most visited studios of her time in Rome.

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